Winter and Karina’s opinion about two seniors, Tae Yeon admits he is willing to wait for Aespa in the SM building

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Aespa Recently Comeback With ‘Savage’. When Karina and Winter appeared on ‘Amazing Saturday,’ Winter shared that he was looking forward to meeting Key.
On the October 9 episode of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday”, Karina and Winter aespa appeared as guests. Here, they met him as a senior from one agency and asked what they thought about the two seniors.

aespa recently made a comeback with their first mini album, “Savage,” which swept both domestic and international charts upon its release. Their summer hit, “Next Level,” also remained strong on the charts for several months.

When Karina and Winter appeared on “Amazing Saturday,” Winter shared that he was looking forward to meeting SHINee’s Key. Even though Key and Winter are in the same agency at SM Entertainment, he said, “He’s like a legendary Pokemon. I never got to see him.”

Girls’ Generation’s Tae Yeon, another aespa senior at SM Entertainment, chimed in, “I even waited at our agency building to see aespa.” Winter explained, “When ‘Next Level’ first came out, Tae Yeon said he would do a dance challenge with us and wait for us at the agency to record it.”

Key quipped, “But did Tae Yeon really do it for aespa?” and Tae Yeon replied, “Your tone of voice makes you sound weird.” Key replied shyly, “I want to do that challenge too.”

During this episode, Karina also shared her love for BOOKKU DDOONG, Moon Se Yoon’s musical, the pink alter ego. She said, “I like cute things and he looks soft like a teddy bear. He looks so much cuter when you look at him in person.”