K-pop girl group GFRIEND recently announced that they are breaking up. The member of the group of six announced their breakup by sharing separate handwritten letters. These handwritten letters were shared by the members on Weverse. Her music label also made a statement. But why did GFRIEND decide to split up? Find out below.

Why did GFRIEND break up?

The popularity of K-pop music has risen to new heights in recent years. The South Korean music industry has spawned and continues to produce several world-famous musical groups and singers. One of the most famous K-Pop girl groups GFRIEND recently decided to split up and not to renew their contracts with their music label Source Music. GFRIEND made their debut with Season of Glass in 2015. Her last comeback was in 2020 with her third full-length album Walpurgis Night.

Source Music confirmed this in a statement, announcing that their contracts will close on May 22nd. According to Soompi’s report, Source Music revealed in its statement that after “careful consideration and extensive discussion” they have decided to part with GFRIEND and are now extending their contracts further. They sincerely thanked the girl group, their fandom aka BUDDY. Source Music concluded on their statement by writing that they will continue to cheer the girls on “as they take the first step towards a fresh start”.

This statement could be an indication that the GFRIEND members have decided on a solo career. Apart from Source Music, all GFRIEND members also made individual statements about Weverse. GFRIENDs Sowon assured the fans in their statement that this was not the end of the band and apologized for the breakup. Eunha von GFRIEND said in her statement that her “heart aches” to confirm the news of her dissolution.

But she assured BUDDY that she intended to “keep singing”. Other members of the girls’ group – Umji, SinB, Yuju, and Yerin – also made their individual statements in a similar fashion. Everyone thanked their fans and assured them that this will not be the last time they will see the girls on stage. Therefore it gave the fans the hope that GFRIEND members pursue individual careers and maybe work together in the future.


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