Every time Lisa uploads a photo in a bold outfit, fans get really excited. The same reaction also happened after Lisa’s latest Instagram post.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa (Black Pink) went viral for her latest beach mix and match. Lisa rocks fashion but stays and maintains modesty.
Despite having one of the best physiques in K-Pop, Lisa rarely shows off her sexy body. Therefore, every time the idol uploads a photo of himself in a bold outfit, fans get very excited. The same reaction also occurred after Lisa’s latest Instagram post.
At first glance, Lisa is just showing off her beach outfit. However, the cut-out back and transparent fabric seem to show the sexy bikini worn by the 1997-born idol.
If the lights were brighter, Lisa would look even more stunning with her long legs and slim waist. In this series of photos, Lisa manages to look seductive and chic at the same time.

Keeping her style still modest, Lisa may have started a new beach fashion trend for this summer, wearing a bold, see-through cut-out dress over a sexy bikini.
Earlier in October 2021, Lisa also went viral during her trip to France. Here, she posted a photo of herself in a crop top and outfit by the sea. And even though the photo was taken from behind, Lisa’s body proportions managed to shine.

Lisa may be famous for her slender legs, but the idol’s back is no less. Whenever she wears backless, Lisa attracts attention with her curves and eye-catching back line.
Meanwhile, Lisa is reportedly going to make a comeback with BLACKPINK in June. However, there is no information yet from YG Entertainment.


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