Having a face similar to BTS’s V, a model named Taek has previously denied allegations that he was in the same car with Jennie in Jeju. Now His Girlfriend Speaks Up.

The alleged model boyfriend who is said to be similar to V BTS (Bangtan Boys), Taek, spoke up to respond to accusations that his girlfriend was in the photo with Jennie BLACKPINK (Black Pink).
Taek’s alleged girlfriend responded to a post on an online community on May 27 titled, “The Gentle Monster model that looks like V and was filmed in Jeju.”

The post alleged that the man in the famous photo with Jennie was a model named Taek, and that he had worked as a model for Gentle Monster. Taek has previously denied the allegations.

This time, Taek’s alleged girlfriend, in response, denied that he was the man in the photo with Jennie and that he never worked for Gentle Monster.
V’s “twin” model boyfriend also asked netizens to respect their privacy and that this post be deleted because they are not celebrities but ordinary citizens.

“Hello, I’m the boyfriend of the guy in this post. At first, we were just trying to laugh it off, but I’m writing this because the problem got so big!” he wrote.

“My boyfriend has never worked as a Gentle Monster model and is currently only dating me. Please don’t misunderstand and because we are ordinary citizens, please delete this post,” he continued.
A DM from the model’s boyfriend denying the rumors also went viral. “”Hello. My head hurts because the more I explain, the more rumors arise. The two people in the picture are not us,” the message reads.

“We went to Jeju in April. We only posted pictures that we took at that time, recently. Now they are saying my boyfriend is cheating on me with Jennie, and I don’t know what to say lol,” Taek’s girlfriend insisted.

The comments and DMs went viral. Netizens who saw this felt sorry for Taek and his girlfriend for being dragged into V and Jennie’s dating rumors.


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