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TXT’s Yeonjun reveals his shut friendship with Stray Youngsters’ Felix within the cutest method with only one phrase!

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Yeonjun from TXT and Felix from Stray Kids

TXT’s social butterfly, Yeonjun, revealed another of his close friends! Read on to find out how!

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Yeonjun from TXT and Felix from Stray Kids clicked from the media. (Photo credit: News1)

Watching 4th generation idol groups interact with each other and be friends is probably the most adorable part of the K-pop industry right now. When you consider that Idol groups don’t communicate with each other publicly, that’s a whole different case off-screen. It’s also pretty incredible to believe that members who have been trainee for 3-4 years (sometimes more than that) forget their friends or don’t talk to them after the debut.

Fans love to see these interactions, no matter how small they are. Everyone knows how good friends Yeonjun from TXT, Changbin from Stray Kids and Wooyoung from ATEEZ are! Yeonjun and Changbin were trainees at Cube Entertainment together, but there is another close friend of TXT’s social butterfly! The new friend that has been revealed is none other than the sunshine of the Stray Kids, Felix!

In the latest episode of the After School Club variety show, members had to guess the idols during various song promotions. As soon as Felix’s photo was shown, Yeonjun was the first to respond and called Felix’s name. But not his stage name, but his Korean name, Lee Yong Bok with the cute suffix Koreans use. He mumbled, ‘Oh, Yong Bok-ie!’ However, he messed up the order of the songs and Beomgyu took his chance and hit him! It is also known how close Beomgyu and Stray Kids’ IN are, so this was no surprise!

Watch the full TXT episode of ‘After School Club’ here:

We love these cute revelations from idols befriended other corporate groups!

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