On May 24, IM NAYEON’s mini album cover photo was released. This photo shows the beautiful figure of Nayeon clad in a yellow dress and crouching posing with her face facing the camera.


Nayeon has finally become the first TWICE member to debut as a soloist and will be releasing a mini album titled “IM NAYEON.” The new teaser photo for the mini-album is gaining attention, showing enthusiasm for his solo debut.

On May 19 at midnight KST, Nayeon announced her plans for her long-awaited solo debut. The singer will be releasing his first mini album, “IM NAYEON” next month on June 24 at 1 p.m. KST, and pre-orders will begin on May 24 at 1 p.m. KST.


On May 24, JYP Entertainment released the cover photo for the mini album “IM NAYEON.” The photo shows Nayeon’s beautiful figure clad in a yellow dress and crouching posing with her face facing the camera.

The cover photo of Nayeon’s debut mini album became a topic of conversation in one of the posts uploaded on the Theqoo site. In addition to praising the visuals of the oldest TWICE member, netizens also highlighted the clothes he was wearing.


“I’m really looking forward to it… Imagine how fun the stage would be,” commented netizens. “This looks like NMIXX’s stage outfit,” said another netizen. “Nayeon’s own condition is not so good and she must be sick for a while ㅠ. After debut, she has never been absent from TWICE promotions and has always worked hard,” said another.

“Is she Tinker Bell?🧚‍♀️💛” netizens said. “Is there a color that doesn’t match Nayeon…?” another comment. “Is this going to be the cover? She’s beautiful but I feel she can look prettier if she comes up with a refreshing and unique concept,” added another.


“She looks like a spring fairy, very refreshing,” praised netizens. “The concept suits him very well, IM NAYEON He is the epitome of the idol center so of course this concept is clear. He is the master of the center, the master of versatility and refreshing fruit,” added another.

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