This is what makes Lisa BLACKPINK fluent in English

How did Lisa become so good at English when it’s not Thai or Korean’s first language? Lisa Answered It In An Interview With Rolling Stone.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa (Black Pink) is not only fluent in Thai, but also great at Korean and English. The idol apparently learned English since childhood.

Having lived in Korea for years, it’s understandable that Lisa has already mastered the language. He once shared that the reason he was able to progress so quickly was because a teacher at YG Entertainment didn’t allow him to speak English during class.

At that time, Lisa did not know a single word in Korean. The 1997-born idol had no choice but to learn the language quickly.

“During long lessons, we only spoke in Korean. I don’t know Korean, but he only spoke Korean so it was very difficult. I think because he did that, I could improve quickly,” he said.

So how did Lisa get so good at English that she was able to sit comfortably through lengthy interviews with locals, especially considering it’s not Thai or Korean first?

In an interview with American magazine Rolling Stone, Lisa was taught English while growing up in Thailand. During junior high school, they follow an English program which requires that every subject be taught in English.

“I studied English at school in Thailand. I attended a full Thai language school until the sixth grade,” said the singer of “LALISA”.

“I’ve been bilingual since middle school. Well, it’s not bilingual, they have an English program where you study every subject in English,” he continued.

Lisa however insisted that she was not fluent in English. He was aware that he still had a slight Thai accent. In fact, from time to time, the people around him would be surprised after hearing him speak because they thought he was a local.

Lisa shared, “I have a slight Thai accent when speaking English, so people can say, ‘Oh, you’re not from here.'”

By ayunda