One of the WINNER members showed a sweet selfie with Lisa while revealing the photos captured by the BLACKPINK maknae, let’s take a peek here!

The closeness of K-Pop idols always gets the full spotlight from fans. Especially if the idol has a different gender, of course, it immediately creates a scene.

This time, one of the WINNER (II) members, Lee Seung Hoon or now more familiarly called Hoony, showed his closeness to BLACK PINK’s Lisa. Hoony itself is not the first time showing off his interactions with Lisa.

Previously, Hoony shared several dance covers with Lisa through his personal social media account. Hoony and Lisa themselves are known to both play dancers or main dancers in their respective groups. The two also had a dance project together several years ago to promote YG Entertainment’s X Academy with iKON’s Donghyuk.

Different from usual, Hoony is now showing off a sweet selfie with his agency’s younger brother. He and Lisa are seen both wearing black T-shirts in the portrait.

Honny also shared the moments of the WINNER members in the upload. The handsome idol born in 1992 revealed that the moment was taken when WINNER prepared a concert some time ago.
Honny also revealed that Lisa was the person who captured the WINNER moment. “Fun concert rehearsal,” said Hoony then tagged Lisa’s personal Instagram account after the camera emoji.

“Ouuu bestie,” said one fan. “Eh, it’s really a bestie,” said another. “It can’t be too kiyowo,” another exclaimed. “I really like this family,” I said.

Lisa herself is known to be close to WINNER members and also iKON. At the WINNER concert, Lisa is known to have come along with iKON’s Donghyuk and Jinhwan. So excited!


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By ayunda