The agency’s official statement did not mention whether he was driving under the influence of alcohol, there was no public apology, or the reason why he was driving drunk.

Kim Sae Ron escaped and was arrested by the police after causing several accidents by driving a luxury foreign car near the Hakdong Interchange in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, at 8 am on May 18 after drinking alcohol. This incident was more serious than some might think.

Kim Sae Ron – a child star who started to gain attention after starring in the movie “The Man From Nowhere” with Won Bin, had to bow his head to apologize for a serious mistake at the relatively young age of 22. She went through a time of self-reflection at a time when she should have been active as an actress.

According to the released CCTV footage, Kim Sae Ron’s car went off the track and hit the transformer unit. He reportedly did not stop driving the vehicle even after the accident. At that time, Kim Sae Ron refused the police breathalyzer test and demanded a blood test. In particular, some pointed out that it was a ruse to buy time, considering that Kim Sae Ron herself demanded a blood test.

The aftermath of Kim Sae Ron’s drunk driving accident is directed to her next acting work. SBS’s new drama “Trolley” and Netflix original drama “Bloodhound” are on standby ahead of their shoot.

According to “Trolley” on May 19, the day after the accident, Kim Sae-ron’s agency finally apologized to the production team and they have decided to accept it. In order to prevent flaws in their work, the actress was unavoidably dropped from the cast, but with the script reading already over, the “Trolley” production team now had to quickly find a new actress.

If “Trolley” is still in the pre-shooting stage, “Bloodhounds” is expected to take a bigger hit since most of the filming has already been done. The “Bloodhounds” team said on May 18, “We are currently in the process of filming. After that, the shooting schedule will be adjusted, and we will announce the release schedule as soon as it is arranged after sufficient discussion.”

One thing that is disappointing here is the response from the agency. After the accident was reported on May 18, Gold Medalist, Kim Sae Ron’s agency said in its official announcement, “Kim Sae Ron has done a blood test for accurate results, and was sent home without any further investigation after the test.”

This is an official statement that makes no mention of whether he was driving under the influence, no public apology or reason why he was driving drunk. It was a situation that almost led to a casualty accident during rush hour.

It is clear that Kim Sae Ron caused harm to many people by driving under the influence of alcohol, but the public is once again angry at his agency for his official position of protecting his artist who did wrong rather than apologizing for his wrongdoing.

A day later, as the public’s criticism increased, Kim Sae Ron’s agency once again made an official statement. The agency explained the reason for delaying the apology on May 19, saying, “It took time for us to understand the real facts, which is why our official position was postponed. We sincerely apologize for causing concern to everyone due to the accident caused by drunk driving. from actress Kim Sae Ron. Kim Sae Ron deeply reflects on her mistake. Kim Sae Ron promises to convey her sincere apologies to those who have suffered damage and inconvenience as a result of this and to everyone who is trying to restore damaged public facilities.

The agency has made a belated apology. The public has stopped supporting Kim Sae Ron. Whatever the reason, if a celebrity whose face is widely known has caused a drunk driving accident, the first thing they should do is apologize. However, more than 24 hours had passed before Kim Sae Ron and her agency finally lowered their heads. In other words, they had missed the golden age.

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By ayunda