The K-Pop Files: Rocket Punch Drop Acoustic Version of ‘Ring Ring’

July 15th, Rocket strike, The six-piece K-pop girl group has released an acoustic version of their latest song, Ring Ring. The song is available as a digital single on various streaming platforms.

The six-member girl group debuted under Woollim Entertainment in 2019. They released the acoustic version of their song to show off their charm. Dahyun, Juri, Yunkyoung, Yeonhee, Sohee and Suyun draw attention to themselves with their bright and lovable charm in the song. In the teaser pictures published before the song, the members posed in light summer chic outfits in front of a natural background.

The acoustic version of the song is a remake that combines sparkling xylophone sound and EP, acoustic guitar in harmony with shuffling rhythms. Together with the group singing on the acoustic sound, it gives the song a new warmth that is different from the original song. While the original is fast-paced and has a dance vibe, the acoustic version takes it all back. It’s just the members’ vocals and the instruments that come together wonderfully.

The acoustic version was arranged by various members of the music production team, Stupid bunch.

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The K-Pop Files: Bling Bling for the release of their new album

Originally released on May 17th, Ring Ring attracted attention with its “Newtro” concept, a fresh take on retro, and the sparkling performance of Rocket Punch. Ring Ring was Rocket Punch’s first single album. The song was featured prominently in the major South Korean music charts. It was also listed on the iTunes Top K-Pop Singles Chart in 12 countries and regions, underscoring the group’s growing recognition worldwide. The song is a very disco-like song with reminiscences of 80s pop music sounds.

On May 24th, Woollim Entertainment announced that Rocket Punch would make its Japanese debut. The group released their first Japanese EP, Bubble Up! on August 4th. Its main title song was released on July 13th. Despite being a rookie group, Rocket Punch have already been nominated and received an award. In 2020 Rocket Punch won the K-Pop Singer Award at the Korean Culture Entertainment Award.


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