Take a peek at 2PM Junho’s luxurious residence at a glance

2PM’s Junho’s residence, which is classified as an elite area in the Seoul area, has stolen the attention of his fans. Recently, with a glance a YouTuber showed his apartment from a distance.

Previously, it was revealed that 2PM’s Lee Junho has recently been busy with his activities in starring in dramas. As an idol as well as an actor, many are amazed that Junho’s residence is slowly being revealed.





Previously, when Junho was a guest on MBC’s show “I Live Alone”, he attracted the interest of the MCs because of the appearance of his beautiful home. Junho’s house actually caught attention when Kyuhyun revealed that it was in the Cheongdam-dong area, Seoul.

Recently, a YouTuber from South Korea tried to prove whether the building was meant to be Junho’s house. The YouTuber refers to Kyuhyun’s statement that, “Junho’s house is very nice. It is located in the most expensive place in Cheongdam-dong.”

Then, he added his description of Junho’s house right above Kim Hee Sun’s sister. As the concept of “I Live Alone” expresses a close introduction to a public figure’s house, scenery and private life, the interest in Cheongdam-dong Penthouse is getting more and more interesting.

It was explained that the penthouse where Junho lived was built in 2003 and has a duplex structure with 5 households. The apartment consists of a large unit with an area of ​​​​about 252 square meters. Given that the apartment is relatively luxurious, it is estimated that the selling price in the market is around 4 million dollars.

Even though it only shows Junho’s house from a distance, many fans are amazed by the sight. In fact, not a few netizens reminisce about the street area well.

Meanwhile, Junho is currently busy preparing for his new drama where he will compete acting with Girls’ Generation’s Yoona. Junho and Yoona will be starring in the upcoming romantic comedy drama “King the Land” (literal title).

According to local production company Npio Entertainment, the actors are confirmed to play the main characters in the series and filming is scheduled to begin in the fall. In this drama, Junho plays the heir to a conglomerate, Yoona plays a hotel entrepreneur.

By ayunda