Sylvie & Ravonna Actors Pose With Their Stunt Doubles in New BTS Photos

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Florence Pugh Thanks Stunt Performer In Black Widow BTS Video

Lokis Sophia Di Martino praises her and the stunt performers from Gugu Mbatha-Raw in a behind-the-scenes photo of the latest Disney + series at the MCU.

LokiSophia Di Martino praises her and the stunt performers from Gugu Mbatha-Raw in a behind-the-scenes photo from the latest Disney + series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After his escape during the events of Avengers: Endgame, Tom Hiddleston’s character in the Trickster’s solo series is arrested by the Time Variance Authority (TVA). In Loki, the god of mischief meets the judge Ravonna Renslayer (Mbatha-Raw) and a female variant of himself, Sylvie (Di Martino).

In Loki’s fourth episode, a flashback shows Renslayer arresting a young Sylvie and cropping her timeline. Sylvie escapes Renslayer’s custody and dedicates her life as a refugee to the fight against the time keepers of the TVA. In the same episode, the Time-Keepers turns out to be nothing more than thoughtless robots. Despite this revelation, Renslayer remains loyal to the TVA, believing that everything must have a reason. Renslayer and Sylvie not only prove to be impressive in Loki, but briefly share the common goal of finding the mastermind behind the TVA (albeit for different reasons). After Loki’s explosive season finale, Di Martino is grateful for her co-star and the stunt people who made her look tough on screen.

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Di Martino recently shared behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram of her, Mbatha-Raw, and her stunt doubles Sarah Irwin and Nadia Lorencz. The photos were originally shared by Irwin. Nonetheless, both posts praise their colleagues and their experience working on Loki. Check out Di Martino’s posts below:

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The MCU is filled with some of the best action sequences in cinema, and working on Loki, a television show, is no exception. With WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki, Marvel Studios have proven that the production value has not been lost when translating onto the small screen. In Loki, both the characters of Di Martino and Mbatha-Raw appear in some crucial battle scenes, one of which is with each other. However, it is Sylvie’s fight with Loki in the finals that irrevocably changes the MCU.

In Loki’s sixth episode, Loki and Sylvie meet Er Who Remains (Jonathan Majors). It found that the multiverse-weary creator of the TVA “paved the way” for the two and gave them two options: take over the TVA or kill it, free the timeline, and unleash multiple kang variants. This leads to a bombastic and emotional impasse – after all, Loki can’t stop Sylvie from instigating multiversal madness. The last shot of the season shows a Kang statue in a completely different TVA. The last time we saw Renslayer, she left Mobius (Owen Wilson) to look for free will. It is reasonable to assume that she went in search of a variant of the kang and perhaps facilitated his rise to power. Anyway, season 2 of Loki has already been confirmed with Di Martino, Mbatha-Raw, and their stunt doubles are likely to return.

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Source: Sophia Di Martino / Instagram

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