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Suga BTS Openly Admits He Has Played ‘lottery’

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When asked to name the most impressive thing when they became trainees, Suga replied that it was when he bought the lottery which is often compared to the lottery.

There are many interesting memories that BTS (Bangtan Boys) shared throughout their careers. In a special event for Japanese fans, Suga admitted that he had played lottery or lottery bets when he was a trainee.

In Korea, the lottery, which is often equated with the lottery, is not something illegal. Lottery is even sold in convenience stores. The main prize is usually a very fantastic amount of money.

When asked to name the most memorable thing when they were trainees, Suga replied that it was when he bought the lottery. RM (Rap Monster) immediately interrupted, “Weren’t you still underage at that time?”

Being 20 years old, Suga was already an adult by then. He then continued his story, “(I bought the lottery) at the shop in front of our practice room.” Jungkook said that it was a long time ago.

Suga continued, “I bought (the lottery) because a pig appeared in my dream. At that time I also got goosebumps because two digits are the same number, but another number,” hinting that he was not lucky.

“I thought my life would change drastically,” said Suga. RM said, “The pig (in your dream) is not a lucky pig.”

Meanwhile, BTS recently attended The Fact Music Awards 2021 and took home a total of five awards, Daesang, Artist of the Year (Bonsang), Listener’s Choice, Fan N Star Most Voted (Singer), and U+ Idol Live Popularity Award.

In other news, BTS will greet fans through the online concert “Permission to Dance On Stage” on October 24. Then they will hold an offline concert for four days in Los Angeles in November and December.

BTS will also greet fans through “In the Soop” season 2. The first episode of this nature-themed staycation event is scheduled to air on October 15 on JTBC and Weverse.