Stray Kids, ENHYPEN Join BTS, NCT, SEVENTEEN And EXO As The Best-Selling K-Pop Groups On Gaon : K-WAVE : koreaportal

Stray Kid Hyunjin

# 20 “ABSOLUTELY NO: High Temperature Component 3” by ATEEZ with 737,100 duplicates offered

# 19 “Xmas EveL” by Stray Kids with 743,000 duplicates offered

# 18 “혼돈의장: BATTLE OR RETREAT” by Tomorrow by Along with 775,100 duplicates offered

# 17 “LALISA (consisting of package and LP)” by LISA by BLACKPINK with sales of 783.9 K

# 16 “BOUNDARY: CIRCUS” by ENHYPEN with 788,400 duplicates offered

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# 15 “Formula of Love: O+T=< 3 (consisting of outcome data variation)" by TWICE with 808,800 duplicates offered

# 14 “혼돈의장: ICE UP” by Tomorrow by Along with 877,900 duplicates offered

# 13 “Bambi” by EXO’s BAEKHYUN with 996,800 duplicates offered

# 12 “BE” by BTS with 1.0 million duplicates offered

# 11 “Preferred (Package Consisted Of)” by NCT 127 with 1.1 million duplicates offered

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# 10 “MEASUREMENT: PROBLEM” by ENHYPEN with 1.2 million duplicates offered

# 9 “Hey There Future (Package Consisted Of)” by NCT desire with 1.2 million duplicates offered

# 8 “NOEASY” by Stray Kids with 1.3 million duplicates offered

# 7 “DONT BATTLE THE REALLY FEELING (inc. LP)” by EXO with 1.3 million duplicates offered

# 6 “Your Option” by SEVENTEEN with 1.4 million duplicates offered

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# 5 “Cosmos” by NCT with 1.6 million duplicates offered

# 4 “Attaca (Package Consisted Of)” by SEVENTEEN with 2.0 million duplicates offered

# 3 “Warm Sauce” by NCT desire with 2.0 million duplicates offered

# 2 “Sticker label” by NCT 127 with 2.4 million duplicates offered

# 1 “Butter” by BTS with 2.9 million duplicates offered

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