Stray Kids' Changbin teams up with Thai rappers F.HERO and MILLI on 'Mirror Mirror'

Changbin from Stray Kids functioned with the Thai hip-hop musicians F.HERO and MILLI on the brand-new solitary “Mirror Mirror”.

The Thai hip-hop artists F.HERO and MILLI have actually worked with the Stray Kids rap artist for a brand-new cooperation track ‘Mirror Mirror’, which was launched the other day (October 28) along with his video.

The triad can be seen in numerous lavish areas in a roomy estate, with Changbin stating his visitor knowledgeables from a poorly lit, vacant corridor, while MILLI deals with a luxurious dish with 4 concealed professional dancers and F.HERO shows off with the corridors of the estate.

” Flaunting cash, displaying bodies/ extoling links/ applauding oneself, going to rest a little bit/ those that go with the circulation, much like the non reusable chopsticks,” states Changbin in his knowledgeable.

The brand-new solitary is Changbin’s 2nd solo cooperation with an additional musician, the very first is the solitary “You … Like The Wind” by ex-Wanna One participant Yoon Ji-sung from 2019, a track from his launching Solo cd “Apart”.

In the meanwhile, both MILLI and F.HERO are popular artists in the Thai and Oriental hip-hop location, the last having numerous hits under his belt, such as ‘LOVE ENER’ with the Thai co-ed duo Luss and ‘Sry’ with Other Thai rap artist Mairayap.

In various other Stray Kids information, the JYP Enjoyment kid band launched their most current unabridged cd ‘NOEASY’ in August, making their very first resurgence given that winning the Mnet fact collection Kingdom: Legendary Battle. Specifically, the job consisted of the lead solitary “Thunderous” and 13 various other B-sides, consisting of “Sorry, I Love You”, “Cheese” and much more.

By ayunda