So the highlight, this is Kim Ji Won’s opinion about the word of worship in ‘My Liberation Notes’

While undergoing an interview recently, Kim Ji Won also commented on the word ‘worship’ that his character often said in the drama ‘My Liberation Notes’. Here’s the full story.

Recently, the beautiful actress Kim Ji Won underwent a photo shoot with Big Issue magazine. In the accompanying interview, he also talked about his role in the drama “My Liberation Notes”.

As is known, in the drama itself, Kim Ji Won plays an introverted woman named Yeom Mi Jeong. His goal in life is to be free from the people who make him sick.

In more detail, Yeom Mi Jeong is an eccentric girl who often uses unusual words. For example, she uses the words “adores” instead of “loves” when she is with the man she likes.

The word “worship” not only caught the attention of viewers, but also Kim Ji Won herself. Regarding this, he said, “When I got to know Mi Jeong, I thought she was a person who could see other people for who they really are.”

He continued, “He knows what he really wants. Besides, rather than borrowing other people’s words to describe him, I think I can use the word ‘adores’.”

When asked how he felt when he first read the word “adoring” in the script, Kim Ji Won admitted that he had a lot of discussions with the director. He also felt happy because the word adequately represented this drama.

Kim Ji Won explained, “I talked a lot with the director on set because it seemed like it was a line that contained the work’s identity. After the broadcast, I was happy because everyone seemed to sympathize with why it should be ‘adoration’ instead of ‘love’.”

Meanwhile, the slot for “My Liberation Notes” on JTBC weekend nights will be replaced with “Cleaning Up”. The plan, the drama starring Jeon So Min will start airing on June 4.

By ayunda