‘Snowdrop’ BLACKPINK Jisoo and Jung Hae In Aired on Disney+ Boycott Comments Flood

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Taking place in Seoul 1987, ‘Snowdrop’ tells the emotional love story of students Su Ho (Jung Hae In) and Young Ro (Jisoo BLACKPINK). This Drama Will Air Next December.
“Snowdrop” has not confirmed the broadcast schedule yet. However, the JTBC drama production team has started promoting aggressively. They released posters, scene photos and most recently a teaser of the drama’s main couple, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo (Black Pink) and Jung Hae In.

Set in 1987 Seoul, “Snowdrop” tells the emotional love story of college students Su Ho and Young Ro. Jung Hae In plays the role of elite student Su Ho, who suddenly appears at the female university dormitory in a bloody state one day.

Meanwhile, Jisoo plays the character of Young Ro, a student at a women’s university who hides and treats Su Ho’s injuries despite facing danger under close supervision.

The teaser begins by giving a glimpse of the setting, Hosu Women’s University and showing Su Ho riding a bicycle through the falling snow. He emotionally says in voiceover, “Sorry. It was because of me.”×2-full-episodes-hd-2/

The video then shows heart-fluttering scenes when Su Ho and Young Ro join hands and also meet each other. “I miss you. I wish I could see you just once,” Young Ro said and he was seen holding Su Ho’s sleeve.

The latest “Snowdrop” teaser immediately caught the attention of South Korean netizens. However, many gave sarcastic comments, especially because this drama was announced to be airing on the Disney+ streaming platform.

“Stupid to believe what they say. Let’s boycott ‘Snowdrop’,” wrote one netizen. “Crazy. The whole world will watch it because of the popularity of BLACKPINK,” continued another. “I want to boycott Disney Plus, seriously,” continued another netizen.

“How to prevent it? Please tell me,” added another. “After watching episode 1, we had to make a list of advertisers and boycott them. That’s how we stopped this drama,” concluded another netizen.