SEVENTEEN: Who is Vernon's Ideal Girl? You Could Make Him Fall In Love

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon is a great idol, do you know what his perfect match would be like? It might be impossible not to be attracted to any of them The idols of SEVENTEEN, and they not only have very pretty faces, but also a great personality that conquers every heart; may be Vernon is your bias in the band, do you want to know what his ideal type is?

SEVENTEEN has very talented Idols that are Passion for their work, both in the studio and beyond Stage, they managed to see how much love her have for them Music, but they also have amazing Personalities that won’t stop captivating the hearts of CARAT and still accelerate. even more with their beautiful faces, which are also very worthy Admiration.

Vernon is no exception and has stolen many hearts in the SVT Fan base, the Is a rapper not only very talented, but also cute and quite good looking, something that attracted many Fans; Its physical characteristics that mix those of the idol Korean-American Origins, are perfectly made to be admired and result in one of the most attractive Visuals in K-pop.

Have you ever wondered what Vernon is? ideal guy would look to like? Have idols too Tastes and preferences, maybe you could make the idol fall in love with yours Charms, Personality or traits: 0.


According to the reports, Vernon likes girl with short hair and long legs, but the most important thing for him is not superficial; you want a person yours heart can connect with who hear for you, so that you can feel comfortable around you.

Vernon is looking for someone who loves him for who he is and doesn’t just see him for that Idol, he would like to be able to share his Uncertainties with her and he wants her to do the same; He is looking for a person who is a Beautiful heart and can give him all the love and Understand he needs.

No matter what he looks like, that one SEVENTEEN is a rapper looking for someone with a pure heart and who really has the ability to give her his heart, to trust she and he hopes the girl trusts him too; no doubt a face that we did not know of the idol, which shows the deepest and most beautiful of his being.

But did you know that SEVENTEEN is the best friend you can have? According to the. information collected CARAT, one of SVTs Idols could be the perfect friend.

By ayunda