SEVENTEEN, PENTAGON, ONEUS & more: Top 5 covers by Kpop acts in August 2021

SEVENTEENs Seungkwan: “Drawing our moments”

The main singer of SEVENTEEN showed the power of his singing through a wonderful cover of the song “Drawing our Moments” by the soloist and leader of the Girls’ Generation Taeyeon. To the gentle melody of the piano, Seungkwan belts out a fascinating cover of the already heartbreaking song.


The boy band covered not just one but eight songs in a medley dance video that was posted on the group’s official YouTube channel. ‘VERY NICE’ by SEVENTEEN, ‘Energetic’ by Wanna One, ‘Shine’ by PENTAGON, ‘Next Level’ by aespa, ‘Don’t Call Me’ by SHINee, ‘The Eve’ by EXO, ‘Goodbye’ by TAEMIN ( Korean version) and 2 PM’s House ‘were challenged by the group and deserve a safe spot on our top covers this month.

ONEWEs Yonghoon: “I after you”

Paul Kim’s “Me After You” has seen several covers over the years with the deep lyrics and soulful voice of Paul Kim that won hearts and broken just as many. This cover deserves a special mention because Yonghoon from ONEWE gave it to his fans for his birthday. In the seven-and-a-half minute video, the singer shared his cruel and hard-working journey as a trainee and as an idol of the K-pop industry back then.

ONEUS: ‘Butter’

While the rest of the world took part in the “Permission to Dance” challenge, ONEUS released their own version of the record-breaking song “Butter” by BTS. To weaken the hard band sound, a much softer version followed the vocals of ONEUS. An adorable picture of ONEUS members as animated animals was used for the cover when a dog, cat, rabbit, chick, tiger and squirrel sat on a pancake and tried to spread it.

PENTAGON’s cinema: “Gotta Go”

We saved it for the last! PENTAGON’s Kino took up the very popular song ‘Gotta Go’ by Chung Ha for an appearance on MBC’s ‘Show Champion’. The artist mentioned that it was a difficult song to record, and even went so far as to get Chung Ha’s original backup dancer to practice with them for a top notch performance. We sat and wondered how he came up with this stunning cover.

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By ayunda