In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Jisoo revealed the special education her parents applied to. Rumors About Jisoo’s Father’s Profession Are Circulating.

Rumors about the profession of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s father (Black Pink) resurfaced following the idol’s latest interview on Rolling Stone regarding his parents’ upbringing.
In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Jisoo revealed the special education that her parents applied. As the youngest child in the family, Jisoo’s parents have different ways of educating her.

If Jisoo doesn’t want to go to school, her parents will allow her for permission. Jisoo’s teacher was very unhappy about this, but her parents were more tolerant as she was the youngest child in the family.
The way Jisoo’s parents raised her is completely different from the strict upbringing of most Asian parents. This is what makes a number of netizens amazed at the idol’s parents.

However, the way Jisoo’s parents raised her also caused a lot of difficulties for the female idol, especially in the early days of her joining YG Entertainment.

Jisoo was used to being raised by her parents, so adapting to an environment with many principles like YG Entertainment was quite difficult for her. He had tried his best to get used to the new environment at YG Entertainment.
According to some rumors circulating, Jisoo’s father may be the CEO of the agency MAMAMOO or the chief director of the popular TV station Mnet. Reporting from KBizoom, Jisoo is said to have so many relationships with famous Korean producers, directors, and MCs.

For example, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul has a very close relationship with Jisoo’s father. The veteran idol even attended Jisoo’s brother’s wedding.

But these are all just rumors circulating on social media. The truth has not been confirmed. Until now no one knows what profession Jisoo’s father really is.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will reportedly make a comeback this year. However, YG Entertainment has not announced official information regarding the comeback of the four-member group.


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