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Really Cool, Lay EXO Ready to Launch Comeback With New Solo Album ‘East’

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After making a comeback with EXO even though virtually, Lay again shocked his fans through his new album which will soon be released today, Friday (15/10).

Re-launching the latest album has made Lay EXO’s name a hot topic of conversation. Lay re-released his latest solo album which will be inaugurated today, Friday (15/10).

It’s been reported that Lay is back with his new solo album entitled “East” which will be released soon. This album contains a total of 4 songs that Lay planned and produced himself. In this album, Lay carries the concept of his four songs when a person goes on a journey of the heart to reflect on himself.

Lay has promoted through his personal Instagram which immediately reaps support from fans. Many were surprised and proud because this idol finally made a solo comeback.

“Excited to share my new digital EP, ‘EAST’! In Chinese it is called ‘东’. This is the start of something new and exciting!” wrote Lay who uploaded a photo of his latest EP album on Instagram.

Please note, Lay’s title song on his solo album this time is ” ” or “Flying Apsaras” (literal title) is a pop song with low bass and a tight hi-hat trap sound. Also, the b-side song “Samadhi Real Fire” is a great trap song which is a collaboration song with rapper GALI. Then fans can listen to the dark mood song “Ascetic Monk” and the cheerful electronic R&B song “牧童” or “The Shepherd Boy” (literal title) which depicts dreams that come true after reaching heaven.

This is something that fans have been waiting for. Lay, who is known to be more active in promoting in China, made his fans excited when EXO made a comeback “Don’t Fight The Feeling” because of his participation after a long absence. Even though Lay was only present virtually, his togetherness with EXO made fans at least breathe a sigh of relief watching their idol.

Meanwhile, Lay received congratulations from his fans after he uploaded a photo on Instagram. “So proud of you, Lay,” commented the fan. “I’m pounding, can’t wait for it!” other fan comments. “Good morning, Lay. Glad to hear from you,” commented another fan.