Provoked by ITZY’s Ryujin, Rain Opens It’s Not Good to Work with J.Y. Park

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Rain Joined JYP Entertainment In 2000, And Finally Debuted In 2002. Recently Revealed What It Was Like To Work With J.Y. Parks.
Recently ITZY appeared in a YouTube video on Rain’s official channel. Shin Ryujin asked actress Kim Tae Hee’s husband what it was like to work with Park Jin Young or J.Y. Parks.

Rain joined JYP Entertainment in 2000, and finally debuted in 2002. Just like other idols, he debuted from the bottom, before becoming one of the top stars in Korea.

Rain who left the agency in 2007 met ITZY, a group that had just really started their career under JYP. During meeting Rain, the members played a small game where they had to ask each other questions.

In a previous video, Rain had explained what he thinks about the group surviving under JYP Entertainment, and it looks like it’s time for ITZY to get the idol to reveal his own career with the company.

Ryujin was the first, and he took the opportunity to ask Rain the question that everyone wanted to know. “While working with JYP, you thought it wasn’t good, right?” Ryujin asked.

Luckily, with years in the business, Rain isn’t afraid to talk about J.Y. Park immediately shouted, “There are so many!”

But the staff wouldn’t let Rain get away with just that answer. They then asked what it was like to work with J.Y. Park who he thinks is the most difficult to deal with.

As soon as Rain started saying, “First of all…” the ITZY members knew they had good gossip. “Ah, first of all, he went back and forth. He voted for it, but that changed in two to three days. A system that changed on the pitch.”

Although Chaeryeong seemed less enthusiastic about joining in and talking about their CEO, the other members seemed much more excited to get all this information.

Rain managed to get the answer himself after asking Shin Yuna if she was really happy at JYP Entertainment. But Yuna didn’t share it and left fans guessing her true thoughts about being under JYP Entertainment.

As expected, Rain is another idol who likes to share his experiences with J.Y. Park is detached from their relationship with each other. With someone as influential as J.Y. Park, fans will always be happy to hear gossip about the founder of JYP Entertainment.