Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Groups in the World

Perhaps you’ve heard of K-pop all over the place lately and decided that now is the time to give it a try. You have come to the right place. If you are unfamiliar with the term, K-pop stands for Korean Pop and is very popular all over the world. This genre of music spans a wide range of genres including pop, rap, R&B, EDM, rock, and more. But K-pop isn’t just about the music, which is why it’s so addicting: smooth choreography and wild music videos are also important aspects of Hallyu, the Korean cultural tsunami that is sweeping the world.

My own playlist of suggestions is endless, but there are a few names that you should add to your playlist right away to get you started with some addicting tunes. Here are 10 K-pop that you would definitely love.

Disclaimer of liability: Before we proceed, it is important to note that this list is based entirely on the author’s personal taste. Each of the groups on the list are incredible in their own way, and the article is not meant to be a comparison. Each group in the list is listed in random order, not by superiority.

1. Black pink

It will be difficult to say goodbye to Jennie Kim, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé when you have welcomed them into your life. BLACKPINK are one of the most famous K-Pop groups of the time, and their songs are all hits – I challenge you to listen to one of their songs and not have it in your head for days. They have made music history over the years with their dynamic and bold melodies, as well as incredible choreography that you absolutely have to learn.

2. (G) I-DLE

Do you want a band that can offer you every imaginable genre? Look no further than (G) I-DLE, which effortlessly mixes everything from tropical house to Latin music to hip-hop and trap without missing a beat. What’s cooler than that? (G) I-DLE is heavily involved in the creation of their music, with members Soyeon, Minnie and Yuqi bringing their composition and production skills to their albums.

3. Twice

TWICE is one of the most addicting South Korean acts thanks to its melodic melodies and eclectic mix of styles. The nine queens of the Bubblegum style were destined for popularity from their 2015 debut, with a sound as dazzling as their personality. Since then it has been hit after hit after hit! Pick one of their singles to get you started, but keep in mind that you will need plenty of room to dance.


You’ll find the ardent fans of this group screaming their time-honored battle cry “STAN LOONA” in responses to every viral tweet. The 12-strong collective has undoubtedly earned this unwavering support. They have legendary K-pop anthems that get stuck in your head, as well as incredibly innovative graphics to go with them. To start your journey to LOONA standom, I recommend the tracks “Butterfly” and “Hi High”.

5. Monsta X

The bad guys at K-Pop deserve a slot on your playlist. Monsta X’s popularity continues to rise, with songs topping multiple music charts and breaking hearts around the world, and you’ll see why as soon as you hit play. Every Monsta X song is a realm you want to immerse yourself in, bringing hip hop, EDM and pop to the table. In the songs, layers and layers of passionate vocals meet passionate rap lines that instantly turn you into a monbebe.

6. Red velvet

With Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy and Yeri you get the best of both worlds: the sweet and the bold, the glittering and the sexual, the red and … the velvety? Believe me, they are very addicting. The trio has been stirring up the charts around the world for a number of years and continues to surprise their fans with new sounds, concepts and English versions of their classics.

7. EXO

EXO captured the hearts of its fans for a reason … or, well, many reasons, with strong vocals, good-boy-gone-bad vibes, and music videos that you just can’t stop playing. This group of nine has been on the market for nine years and has chartered since the beginning.

EXO tried every idea imaginable while reinventing themselves – sexy, cute, bad boy, bubbly, and so on – and they did a fantastic job on each one.

8th generation of girls

Would you like to round off your playlist with some classics? Girls’ generation is exactly what you are looking for. While the artists don’t play as a group anymore, there’s a good chance it was them who introduced you or someone you know to K-pop in the first place.

Their unique electro-bubblegum sound evolved over time, and their audiences saw them transform from girl to woman right in front of their eyes, securing a place in everyone’s hearts for the rest of their lives.

9. Sunmi

You know K-Pop isn’t just about groups? There are other soloists who make history as well, and Sunmi is one to watch out for. Sunmi’s specialty is bubbly dance tracks with lively vocals, so just wait to witness her dance routines. She also produced a fantastic OST.

10. BTS

Is it possible to talk about K-pop without mentioning BTS? I do not think so. BTS is without a doubt the most popular K-pop group in the world, and for good reason. Her accomplishments include becoming the first musician in iTunes history to reach number one in 100 countries with eight songs, breaking the record for most viewers for a YouTube debut and destroying a US stadium tour.

Ain’t it amazing The group, which consists of three rappers and four singers, integrates hip-hop, pop, some EDM and rap into their discography, while also addressing love and psychological problems in their songs. One look at one of their videos is enough to see why they have become such a sensation around the world.


So here are the author’s top ten K-pop groups to add to your playlist. I hope you enjoyed reading the article.

By ayunda