‘Dimension: Dilemma’ Is The Newest Album That Will Be Performed In ENHYPEN’s Comback In This October Where One Of The Songs Will Collaborate.


The comeback moment of a group member is something that fans have been waiting for. Like one of ENHYPEN fans who will welcome their idols through their latest album comeback.

Last September, ENHYPEN was confirmed to be making their comeback with the new album “Dimension: Dilemma”. The group’s latest album under the auspices of BELIFT LAB continues to show promo content that looks refreshing and interesting to follow.

One of the things that made fans excited was because the ENHYPEN members revealed that they would be working with a member from TXT for this album. However, they did not reveal exactly which member it was.

Despite giving spoilers for at least a few weeks, the agency also released a list of songs in “Dimension: Dilemma” where Yeonjun’s name is listed in one of the song titles.

It turns out, Yeonjun, which is meant by the ENHYPEN members, has collaborated with them. After the identity of this TXT member was revealed, Yeonjun’s name had become a trending topic on Twitter.


This idol then gave his response regarding his collaboration with ENHYPEN through the group’s official Twitter. Yeonjun expressed his gratitude to the Sunoo cs group for getting such a good opportunity.

“This is a good opportunity to participate in ENHYPEN’s performance, fighting for a comeback this time,” wrote Yeonjun on TXT’s Twitter account. This sweet message also received many comments from fans who supported Yeonjun and ENHYPEN at the same time.

“A collaboration to look forward to, I can’t wait to see them promote!” write fan comments. “This speech is very valuable for us ENHYPEN fans, I hope everything goes well, fighting!” netizen comments. “Oh my gosh, Yeonjun who said thank you why did I who was moved want to cry?” fan comments.

Meanwhile, “Dimension: Dilemma” will be released on October 12, 2021. Although it hasn’t been released yet, this album has already pre-ordered an incredible 910 thousand copies, which is a very high number for a rookie group.


By ayunda