Jungkook Was Dubbed Global Face Genius By Korean Media Years Ago, Praised Not Only For His Stunning Visuals But Also For His Sophisticated Fashion Sense.

HYBE’s creative director praised Jungkook BTS (Bangtan Boys) for his stunning visuals and sophisticated fashion sense. Not only him, many staff also admire and do not hesitate to give praise to the youngest member of BTS.
Jungkook was dubbed Global Face Genius by Korean media years ago, praised not only for his stunning visuals but also for his sophisticated fashion sense. With his long hair tied up or in a bun and dazzling outfits that inspire others to dress similarly, Jungkook is a true fashion icon.

Recently, HYBE’s creative director Kim Sunghyun praised Jungkook’s active routine and handsome visuals. “Jungkook likes monochrome and he prefers the active style because he likes to move his body. But once he dresses up, he is prettier than other people,” he said.

Jungkook is always praised for his stunning visuals and captivating body proportions. Everyone who has met him in real life can’t stop praising Jungkook, be it the scriptwriter of MBC Radio, the KBS Staff, the writer of Vogue, the Director of Seoul Tourism, or the Director of the Korean Language Research Institute.
A KBS staffer who saw BTS in person posted on Twitter saying, “Wow guys.. crazy, crazy, I actually work at KBS and I saw them in person… Crazy Jungkookie is totally different from looking through the camera…far away more handsomeㅠㅠ I can’t forget today, It’s a good choice I entered KBSㅠㅠ Namjoon’s height too…”

An airport staff shared his true impression when he met Jungkook and J-Hope and had this to say about Jungkook: “His face is like a baby’s, but his body is so good that I thought he was very handsome. That’s when I realized what a fall was at first glance. But I was wrong read his name and when I looked up at him frantically he just smiled at me with sparkling eyes. My hands were shaking. His physique is amazing like a sports major but his face and speech is like a baby… Jungkook, for looking at me like that, you really are criminal… He’s been my bias ever since.”

The scriptwriter of MBC Radio’s “Bae Cheol Soo’s Music Camp”, where BTS appeared on the show, said, “When I saw him (Jungkook), I was like, ‘Can I continue with my life?’ He’s so handsome… so handsome, really.”
Meanwhile, Vogue wrote, “One by one, they walked into the room—Jungkook, the youngest, very conspicuous in private, a quiet voice heard as he entered, slightly startling him” in their article, “BTS Takes on L.A. With Vogue — And It’s ‘Hella Lit.'”

The main director of Seoul Tourism talked about the BTS members, “Jungkook, who is so handsome that it’s hard to even look at him humbly, welcomed us well, so it was a lot of fun.”

Lim Sung-Soon, Director of the Korean Language Research Institute, said, “Koreans have become the world’s beauty center & call Jungkook replacing James Dean’s beauty.” Actor James Dean is renowned as a major Style Icon of the 1950s who had a lasting influence on modern fashion, becoming a fashion template for people.


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