A Post On Theqoo Community Site Talking About NCT DREAM’s Newest Song And Music Video, ‘Beatbox.’ Apparently the song got a warm response from netizens

NCT DREAM is back with the second repackaged album titled “Beatbox” after previously achieving success through their second full album, “Glitch Mode.” Both the album and music video were released on Monday (30/5) and predictably, this new NCT DREAM work did not go unnoticed.
“Beatbox” is an old-school hip hop dance song that optimistically and positively expresses NCT DREAM’s message of performing music that only the group can perform. The music video also highlights the members’ teamwork and cool charisma.

The repackaged album “Beatbox” has recorded pre-order sales of 1.4 million copies. This achievement makes Mark Lee and his friends the only group in 2022 to reach pre-orders of more than 1 million copies with two albums.
A post on the community site Theqoo talks about NCT DREAM’s newest song and music video, “Beatbox.” Apparently the song received a warm response from netizens, where not a few of them made positive comments.

“Wow Mark is crazy. I don’t know if anyone knows this song but this one reminds me of 2PM’s ‘Open Happiness’. Very refreshing… I still listen to this song until now,” commented netizens. “Na Jaemin, I love you so much…” said another netizen. “Why is the song so good? The MV is also a good choice,” said another.
“No, but the dance is too cute, they are so cute,” said a netizen. “A song that only DREAM can sing,” another commented. “I like the song and dance,” said a netizen. “Haechan-ah, I really love you, you’re a genius baby,” added another.


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