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A lot of the ladies Lucas dated are Chinese netizens. A C-netizen composed in information concerning what took place to her and alsoLucas She states they damaged on great terms, yet after discovering she would certainly had comparable experiences with various other ladies, she could not assist yet open concerning her suffering too.

” I really did not wish to expose that as we split methods on pretty good terms. This event did not damage me emotionally or literally, so I planned to treat it as one of the lots of passers-by in my life and also simply ignore it. Increasingly more ladies have actually had the very same experience and also I learnt that he was in fact speaking behind a woman’s back and also making reports concerning her to deceive one more woman,” the woman composed on an internet site.

Lucas followers from China additionally closed down their fansite after finding out about the information. Furthermore, SM got rid of Lucas from all public promos because there have actually been no strategies including the NCT participant. Lucas after that excused his activities and also asserted that he was assessing his habits.

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