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NCT Dream released a repackaged version of Hot Sauce called Hello Future. They talk about the album and play games. Read More

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NCT dream hello future

NCT Dream appeared as special guests on the radio show “Kiss the Radio” on day 6 to talk about their recently repackaged album “Hello Future”. Young K from Day 6 has been hosting the show since November 2020. It is broadcast on KBS Cool FM and has been popular since early 2004. NCT Dream made a comeback with their first studio album, ‘Hot Sauce’, which became a double million seller in just 16 days, while the music video became NCT’s second fastest video with 100 million views. After the success, a repackaged version of Hot Sauce was released. It’s called ‘Hello Future’ and contains three new tracks ‘Hello Future’, ‘Life is still going on’ and ‘Bungee’.

NCT Dream members spoke about the album. They described “Hello Future” as a way to welcome the new future full of happy days after overcoming the past full of wars. Even the music video for “Hello Future” shows the group holding signs with the slogans “Peace” and “Love”. They are filming it in a sports stadium and using CGI to show flowers and life growing in and around it. When asked which song other than the title track was her favorite, Chenle replied that he listened to ‘Rainbow’ the most. The Dream members played a game in two teams, after which one of the team even had to make a penalty by dancing on the song at 2x speed. They also taught Young K to choreograph their song while connecting on the radio show.

NCT Dream’s Hello Future is out now, while Day 6’s Young K prepares for the comeback of Day 6’s Even of Day sub-album, Right Through Me, on July 5th.

See the video for the radio program here:

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