NCT 127's 'Sticker' stays on Billboard chart for 17-consecutive weeks - Korea Times

  1. NCT 127’s” Sticker label” stays on the Korea Times Billboard chart for 17 successiveweeks
  2. NCT’s ‘Cosmos’ invests week 4 on Billboard 200 +(* )127’s’ Sticker label ‘expands its very own document at week 17 soompiNCT’s ‘Cosmos’ graphes
  3. NCT 200 on Billboard week 4; for 127’s “Sticker label” proceeds his winning touch PINKVILLANCT signs up with Monsta X, Seventeen, Blackpink and also Twice with their newest ideal
  4. NCT offering cd in America, Forbes-,
  5. NCT, BTS, TWICE and also extra rank allkpop TXT’s Globe Albums on Billboard todaychart Have a look at the complete insurance coverage
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