news Bnamericas Published: Wednesday 01 September 2021 Mexico changes the Mayan train route twice a month

The route and construction schedule of the Mexican government’s Maya train project were changed again, so that there were two modifications in August alone.

The $ 417 million section, which runs through the state of Yucatán, will no longer have a station in La Plancha in the state capital Mérida, but rather on the outskirts of the city around the city of Teya, the national tourism authority Fonatur said in a statement.

The station is one of four stations in the third section of the huge project. The 174 km long route also stops in Maxcanu, Tixcocob and Izamal.

The decision was made in response to studies that showed that construction time would be shortened with the revised route and many logistical construction and mobility problems would be avoided, said Fonatur. The current schedule is that the project will be completed by 2024.

Fonatur director Rogelio Jiménez Pons told a press conference that the Campeche section of the Maya train was being relocated in response to public outcry from residents of the state capital, Campeche City. Part of the controversy was that 300 families should be relocated to accommodate the construction.

The change includes redirecting the $ 771 million second section around Campeche City instead of crossing it. The modification is expected to save the project around 2 billion pesos ($ 100 million), Jiménez said.

Water cooperation

Fontatur also said it has signed a collaboration agreement with the Conagua Water Authority to ensure the project complies with the country’s water regulations.

In addition to expanding the infrastructure for the Maya train, the project also includes providing basic services in the cities where the train will pass, such as access to drinking water and the protection of water sources along the train route.

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