MAMAMOO's Wheein pens down a heartfelt letter to MooMoos; Thanks former agency RBW for their kindness

Goodbyes are hard, but a must, right? On June 12th, RBW Entertainment confirmed that MAMAMOO’s Wheein will not renew their contract with the agency, although they will continue to promote group activities with MAMAMOO. RBW has released an official statement confirming Wheein’s departure from the label but will be participating in group activities until December 2023.

Shortly afterwards, Wheein wrote a heartfelt letter to MooMoos confirming her departure from RBW Entertainment. She thanked RBW Entertainment for their kindness and support and has only fond memories of being part of RBW Entertainment. She also said that she was unfamiliar with her emotions as they were new, but that she only had happy memories of her experience with RBW Entertainment and thanked the agency sincerely.

She also thanked MAMAMOO fans, MooMoos, for being with her for the seven best years of her youth. She confirmed that she will work harder so that she can have happier days with MooMoos and its members. In addition, she promised to take part in many activities and to reward her fans with good music! She assured MooMoos that all four members of MAMAMOO will always be together for the fans and will be grateful for the love and support that the fans pour out on them. She also asked fans to keep an eye on their solo activities.

You can read Wheein’s letter below:

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By ayunda