Mamamoo ‘I Say Mamamoo: The Best’: How to listen, tracks and all you need to know

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Mamamoo ‘I Say Mamamoo: The Best’: How to listen, tracks and all you need to know

The veteran K-pop girl group Mamamoo has dominated the K-pop scene since their debut in 2014 and has been a powerful performer ever since. After releasing their very first online concert in August 2021, the girl group is ready to release their special album featuring the best of their own works from their 7-year career since their debut.

The agency Mamamoo works under, RBW Entertainment, announced an official announcement on September 3rd: “Mamamoo will release their best album ‘I Say Mamamoo: The Best’ on September 15th. It’s an album that recalls the footsteps of Mamamoo who won the 7 year old turning point. This new release is expected to be the album that best presents the group. “


Mamamoo released two sets of concept photos days before WAW’s first online concert

Mamamoo confirms the comeback of the best album with Wheein, which the group could leave by 2023

This could possibly be Mamamoo’s final comeback as a group of four (@ RBW_MAMAMOO / Twitter)

Release date

Mamamoo’s repackaged studio album was released on September 15th.

So listen to it

The album will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.

Mamamoo’s special album contains 23 tracks ‘I Say Mamamoo: The Best’ (@ RBW_MAMAMOO / Twitter)

Track list

1. Paint me (orchestral ver.)
2. Starry Night (orchestral ver.)
3. Gogobebe (rock version)
4. Selfish (Blistering sun Ver.)
5. You are the best in 2021
6. I miss you in 2021
7. Happier than ever
8. HeeHeeHaHeHo part. 2
9. Don’t come easy in 2021
10th piano man 2021
11. Ahh Oop 2021
12. Decals 2021
13. AYA (traditional ver.)
14. HIP (remix version)
15. A little 2021
16. Windflower (Dramatic Ver.)
17. Um Oh Ah Yeh 2021
18. Don’t be happy 2021
19. Peppermint Chocolate (MMM Ver.)
20. mumumumuch (title track)
21. Fate (Extended Ver.)
22. Mr. Ambiguous 2021
23. Yes I am (Funk Boost Ver.)

With this new release, Mamamoo is set to make a comeback three months after their mini-album ‘WAW’, which was released in June. The new album will contain hits that fans have always wanted to hear, including an unreleased song and a hidden track entitled ‘Obviously We Were Good Back then’, both of which were featured in advance during their online concert. were published August 2021.


To mark the release of their new album, the girls posted a series of five concept photos. The first concept photo is titled “Gem”, in which the girls in white shirts sat in front of a white background and looked into the camera. The second set of paintings was titled “Trial” in which the girls looked like works of art as they wore beige outfits around sculptures.

The third set of concept images was titled “Diamond” and featured the girls in all black outfits as they stood against a red background while sitting around chandeliers. The last two sets of conceptual images were both titled “I say!” how each of the two picture sets saw the girls in their usual party outfits that made them look gorgeous.

The members of Mamamoo for the concept photos of ‘I Say Mamamoo: The Best’ (@ RBW_MAMAMOO / Twitter)

Music video

With the release of the title track ‘mumumumuch’, Mamamoo could be seen in their casual outfits, which can be seen in the concept photo. It appears as a fun RnB track in which the girls think back to their fun times together as a group. In the music video, the chemistry between the four members makes the girls want to party because they are completely coordinated. The lyrics of the song are fluid as it looks like the girls are having a conversation. The breathy performance lets the girls enjoy each other’s presence.

Watch the music video here:

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