Lisa Blackpink Banned from Attending Paris Fashion Week, Which Entertainment Was Criticized

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The absence of Lisa Blackpink at Paris Fashion Week was revealed by the CEO of Bvlgari. (Instagram/ lalalalisa_m), Seoul – Like her other colleagues, Lisa Blackpink had the opportunity to attend Paris fashion Week. The one that sent the invitations, was the world brand Bvlgari.

However, the singer of “Lalisa” will not attend this event. This was revealed by the CEO of Bvlgari, Jean-Christophe Babin, as reported by Koreaboo Wednesday (6/10/2021).

“Lisa is in Paris but unfortunately due to Covid, her agency doesn’t want her to participate in the show,” said the CEO of Bvlgari.

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Cancel Photo with Zendaya

Not only once, he emphasized this in a different post. He added that Lisa also missed the opportunity to take pictures with other brand ambassadors.

“Our great ambassador @lalalalisa_m is in Europe. Unfortunately, due to Covid his agency chose him not to participate in the event or show. This is also the reason why we were not able to shoot with him with @zendaya, @lilyaldridge and @vittoria for the @bulgari campaign ,” he wrote.


Prepare Collaboration

Jean-Christophe Babin assured, even though Lisa was unable to attend this event, his party would prepare a collaboration with the Blackpink member in the future.

“But YES we will do it ASAP we are best friends and are working hard to enable collaboration in 360 degrees,” he wrote again.

Blackpink Lisa’s Short Hairstyle

Jean-Christophe Babin’s statement then sparked the anger of fans on social media. The hashtag #YGLetLisadoHerWork is on the air.

Not a few were surprised, especially before that Jennie, Jisoo, and Rose were able to attend the Paris Fashion Week event.


Fan Protest

“Who knows the importance of this event for Lisa, who made Lisa like a laughing stock. Who agreed to the other three members but said no to Lisa,” said @VyNguynYn3 on Twitter.

“Who didn’t allow Lisa to attend the Bvlgari fashion show because of ‘Covid’ but she’s already in Paris??? This reason doesn’t make sense,” said @artistpinks who was retweeted more than 2 thousand times.