Letter to the Editor: Time to think twice about mask mandates and who they protect? | Letters

COVID infections are on the rise again, especially in areas with low vaccination rates. OK … some people are afraid of vaccination and a handful of others cannot get vaccinated for health reasons. But I wonder why would anyone choose to have COVID instead of getting an injection to prevent it? The vaccination seems to me to be a win-win situation. Protect yourself and others (the common good) and above all the millions of children who do not yet have the opportunity to be protected by vaccinations!

My granddaughter is starting kindergarten in August. We know that wearing masks is one of the ways to protect yourself from contracting COVID. Then why has our Arizona government drafted a mandate to prevent schools from asking for masks? It doesn’t make sense to me.

Does our government care about the well-being of our children? Wearing masks is a primary protection against the transmission of COVID. So why not allow schools to require masks to be worn? Young children are not prone to social distancing or pay attention to frequent hand washing, so another defense is required: wearing masks. And at the university level, if a university wants to require vaccinations in its attempt to protect students, why is our government tying their hands?

It makes me sick to see how politics affects health issues. I asked Governor Ducey these questions recently, and now I am asking them to you. Let us think about the well-being of our children.

By ayunda