Leonardo DiCaprio outed as BTS Military by ‘Bloodsucker’ celebrity Cho Yeo-jeong

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“Bloodsucker” actor Cho Yeo-jeong revealed that she adhered with Leonardo DiCaprio over their love for K-pop mega team BTS throughout the 92nd Academy Awards in February 2020.

A substantial follower: Cho, 40, recalled her time consulting with the “

Once in Hollywood” celebrity at the awards reveal appropriate before they took place during her appearance on an episode of “Saturday Evening Live Korea,” according to News18.

“He captured me on a quick minute right prior to we rose to the stage

“He captured me on a quick minute right prior to we rose to the stage to be awarded. He praised me on the win. I asked him if he recognizes BTS. He said he likes ‘Blood, Sweat, Tears,'” the star cooperated Oriental.

Cho also claimed that DiCaprio, 46, requested her phone number throughout their communication

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which he referred to her as Oscar victor Youn Yeo-jung, who won an Oscar for her function in “Minari.” She took place to remedy him and additionally described the beginning of her name.

The military reacts: Several fans required to Twitter to express their shock at Cho’s recent discovery.