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Korean Ministry of National Defense Against BTS’s Release from Military Service

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The Ministry of National Defense Expressed Its Opposition to Requests for BTS to be Released from Military Service During a Meeting at the National Assembly On November 25.
The Korean Ministry of National Defense opposes the request for exemption from military service for BTS (Bangtan Boys). They did not approve of the amendment to the Military Service Act to exclude RM (Rap Monster) and co from serving.

The Ministry of National Defense expressed its opposition at the National Assembly on November 25, while discussing ways to allow artists who contribute highly to advancing national interests and promoting popular culture, such as BTS, to perform alternative services as arts and sports personnel.
At a regular briefing earlier on the same day, the spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense, Boo Seung Chan said, “It is difficult to decide on expanding the scope of arts and sports personnel, and we have to be careful.”

Boo’s spokesman continued, “We have to take into account the situational variables. Among the things that are happening right now, the repercussions caused by the sharp decline in population are the biggest problems. Social consensus is also needed. In short, wouldn’t it be fairer for them to fulfill their military service? ?”
On the same day, the Legislation Review Subcommittee of the National Assembly of the National Defense Commission discussed the revision of the Military Service Act to allow alternative services for popular culture artists with high contributions in advancing the national interest.

The plan is that popular culture artists such as BTS will be included as arts and sports personnel who can fill volunteer hours while continuing their activities in their fields. To date, only musicians who have won international competitions in classical music and Olympic medalists among athletes are included in it.
Attention is also focused on whether BTS will get waivers for military service with positions as arts and sports personnel, which means exemption from military service. Previously they had the privilege of being able to defer their military service.

According to the Military Service Act that was revised in December last year, people who make outstanding achievements of popular culture and arts and contribute to promoting national prestige can postpone their enlistment date until the age of 30. This means that Jin and friends can postpone their military service until a predetermined time.