LE SSERAFIM is a girl group that debuted under HYBE and Source Music. This one girl group presents a refreshing concept on their first debut so it is worth anticipating.


Debuting as an idol group is the dream of every trainee who has worked hard for months. Therefore, debuting in a group made Kim Garam warmly welcome the opportunity to debut in his group LE SSERAFIM.

Becoming an idol is every trainee’s dream to make their debut. However, few people have succeeded in turning it into a reality. Kim Garam is one of the lucky few who not only debuted but did so under the most anticipated girl group of 2022.

Kim Garam was very happy to see his dream of becoming a K-Pop idol finally come true. And it’s true, Kim Garam described the feeling of being overjoyed when he heard they were going to debut. He reminisced about the times he gave his all during training, and he expressed the feeling of being able to do what he loves.


Kim Garam admitted that he wasn’t even sure he would debut. Until the last minute, Kim Garam was still worried that the company would change its mind. Only when the debut teaser was released could Kim Garam breathe a sigh of relief.

“I actually wasn’t sure that I could debut, even until the last minute. No one can be sure how everything will turn out until the debut teaser video is revealed,” said Kim Garam during an interview with Weverse magazine.

“But I was very happy when I heard that we would definitely debut and thought back to all the time I spent practicing. I really like it and that’s what I want to do, and I feel I have given everything and tried with all my heart,” he said.


Kim Garam also couldn’t hide his worries after debut. However, thanks to the care of the group members, Kim Garam felt it was an important point. The “FEARLESS” singer explained that they don’t have to force a friendship. They started to grow closer to each other through a lot of practice together and only because they all live under one roof. It was awkward at first, but now it’s over and they’ve become a group that supports each other.

Meanwhile, “FEARLESS” is LE SSERAFIM’s debut album released on May 2 and consists of 5 title tracks. With the title song which has the same title as the album, LE SSERAFIM has shaken the K-Pop music industry because of their musical works.

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