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Kang Daniel on Psychological Well being, Astrology, and “Yellow” | Interview

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Kang Daniel on Mental Health, Astrology, and "Yellow" | Interview

If you’ve ever seen Kang performing, you can just tell that he is a fire sign. He goes from shy to boldly charismatic with a single note. “Freedom of expression is very important to Sagittarius,” says Jeon.

Kang really feels this energy too. “I’m most proud of myself when I perform,” he reveals. However, these days it is not so comfortable to go on stage for online concerts and TV shows because Kang cannot feed the energy of his fans. “It’s just not that much fun,” he keeps complaining.

Before the pandemic, Kang made appearances around the world, which is the perfect job perk to appease a legend’s eternal wanderlust. He traveled with K-pop boy band Wanna One to New York City, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Taipei and Bangkok – to name a few – before they split up in 2018, as well as fan meetings for his solo debut.

However, for Kang, picking just one favorite place is a difficult task. “I’ve always enjoyed every city I’ve gone to,” he says. “I always enjoy performing, no matter where it is. But personally, I like cities where you can go boating.” I don’t need Jeon’s insight to say that this is typical of a sag.

“You can’t sit still,” I remark, thinking of my nervous younger Sagittarius sisters. “You like to travel to new places all the time.”

“Oh, really? That’s right,” Kang replies.

“You are really here to have a very extended life and travel either physically or mentally,” Jeon adds.

Kang’s inquiring character also flows into his work. He says that making music is where he learns the most about himself. (According to Jeon, Sagitarrian musicians like Charlie Puth make a living from constantly experimenting and reinventing themselves through their songs.) Since his solo debut in 2019, Kang has been writing his own songs – with the help of his A&R team, of course (what artists and repertoire is up, FYI. Basically they help with artist development) he notes. “[They] will tell me, ‘We think you’d do really well if you did this,’ “he recalls. Most of the time, Kang will convince himself that he can’t do what they’re up to.” But then I will try it out and i will say oh it looks really great. These are the times when I would learn more about myself, “he continues.

“I think the people around you are really important because when you get to a point where you don’t trust yourself, it’s really dangerous.”

The most recent example Kang cites: the addition of the third track on Yellow called “Misunderstood,” which is his answer to the rumors and rumors that often float around him. It’s not just his favorite A&R boss, it’s mine too. At first, Kang thought it was “too difficult”. After walking into the recording studio with it, he found that it wasn’t that bad after all.