Jimin BTS appearance at the airport to the United States reaps criticism from netizens. They criticized the 1995-born idol over the controversy over his health insurance arrears.

Jimin BTS reaped ridicule following his first public appearance since the controversy over arrears in health insurance premiums that made his apartment almost confiscated.

On May 29, 2022, the members of BTS (Bangtan Boys), without Jungkook, appeared at Incheon International Airport to leave for America to join President Joe Biden at the White House. Jimin looks relaxed with loose clothes.
It was previously reported that Jimin’s apartment was almost confiscated due to unpaid health insurance premiums. This makes the idol accused of deliberately avoiding taxes.

In response to this report, HYBE as BTS’s agency explained that Jimin was not aware of the case, and the arrears had been paid off. However, many still doubt the agency’s statement and Jimin continues to be criticized for his personal problems.

Even for his appearance at this airport, Jimin is still reaping criticism from netizens. They criticized the 1995-born idol for not commenting or apologizing. Netizens also touched on the controversy of the song “Filter” being included in the album “Proof.”
“He is shameless and his shield (fans) is shameless. I don’t want to see him again,” commented netizens. “He could have been freed from this hatred if only he immediately apologized and solved the problem cleanly. It’s really disappointing,” added another netizen.

“Celebrity is about image. I can’t see it like before,” wrote netizens. “Jimin who was able to buy houses and buildings but didn’t pay for his insurance, even after his assets were almost confiscated, he never apologized and now he continues to love Jung Bobby,” said another.

On the other hand, some netizens think that the hatred towards Jimin is too excessive. Apart from being a personal matter, Jimin has paid off his arrears.
“His image is not damaged at all, these people just want him to be controversial,” said a netizen. “Controversy for being late for paying his health insurance bill? People live very seriously, really,” wrote a netizen.

“No one cares. Someone illegally found out that he accidentally didn’t pay the bill and they acted like he committed a serious crime. He also added his own song to the evidence track list and they acted like he committed a crime,” concluded another.


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