The surprising arrival of the GOT7 members at the first fan meeting of Choi Young-Jae

The unexpected arrival of the GOT7 participants at the first fan meeting of Choi Young-Jae

Got7 alum Choi Young-Jae was stunned by his previous band participants at his first fan meeting of his solo occupation on November 27th.

Countless followers went to the on-line occasion that advertised the Ars vocalist’s shades.

Nonetheless, one of the most popular presence was tape-recorded by Jay B, Park Jin-Young, BamBam, as well as Kim Yu-Gyeom, that stunned the K-pop musician.

As quickly as the 4 took the phase, the No one Understands vocalist appeared pleased with their assistance as they all joked about as well as the followers rolled on the flooring, chuckling.

A Chinese participant of the team, Jackson Wang, was additionally linked in this get-together via a video clip phone call, while Mark Tuan was the only participant missing out on.

On Instagram, the 25-year-old vocalist additionally shared cute images of the good-looking Oriental guys with his fans as he thanked them.

By ayunda