Humza Yousaf: Health Secretary urges Scots to think twice before 999 call

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Health Minister Humza Yousaf warned the NHS was facing a “very difficult winter” and urged Scotland to think twice before calling 999 before calling an ambulance.

He promised to use any additional cash that could be found to ease pressure on medical services, but the health minister admitted it would be “a challenging fall and winter.” Rice field.

With this in mind, it is necessary to consider whether it is “absolutely important” to call an ambulance.

Due to the recent surge in coronavirus cases, the number of hospitalized virus patients has increased and now exceeds 1,000 in total.

This is now also putting other parts of the medical service under pressure.

Last week, the average waiting time for ambulances hit 6 hours, which was a record high for the number of patients who spent 4 hours beyond their target time in accidents and emergencies.

Yousaf told BBC Radio Scotland:

“We know the flu season can be very difficult. Regardless of whether you present yourself to the ambulance service, the family doctor or the emergency room, the presenting people have been presenting themselves for 18 months. I know I’m sick because I don’t.

“If you look at the data from the last Covid hospitalization of 1,000 patients, it was December 2020, but the current A&E presentation with the same number of Covid patients is 40% higher.”

The Minister of Health told the Good Morning Scotland program: “We cannot escape the fact that we are in a very severe winter, so we are investing as much as possible.”

And he said, “No matter how much money I can find, no matter what additional resources I can find to support the NHS, everything will be spent on working through a difficult fall and winter. I can promise. ”

The Scottish government already has a $ 1 billion NHS recovery plan in place.

Yousaf also stressed that ambulances have been given “an additional £ 20 million injection” to increase staff. “We see that more and more rescue workers are hired,” he said.

“We support the rescue service employees with their recruitment.”

When people were asked directly if they should “think twice” before calling an ambulance, Yousaf said, “Yes, that’s an easy answer.”

He says, “There is no doubt that people will do this because they are in pain. I think most people will only call when they are in extreme pain. ”

Yousaf said that people who “call 999 to call an ambulance” need to consider whether it is “absolutely important.” You as soon as possible ”

Humza Yousaf: Health Minister urges Scots to think twice before calling 999