Here Are the Fan-Guessed Love Languages of the BTS Members

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The BTS participants are usually expressing love for every other and with Militaries. How they share that love, however, differs based upon their individualities.

Below’s what we know concerning the fan-theorized love languages of the BTS idolizers.

There are seven members in the prize-winning K-pop group BTS
The BTS members have not publicly shared what their love languages are. However, with over seven years because their launching, Militaries have a respectable idea of which of the 5 love languages– words of affirmation, high quality time, physical touch, acts of service, presents– these musicians gravitate toward.

What are the love languages of the BTS singing line?

The BTS members are rather various, particularly when it concerns sharing as well as receiving love. Jimin is typically hugging and raiding the other BTS participants, whether that’s to comfort or congratulate them. Because of this, some followers anticipate that Jimin’s love language is physical touch.

As the oldest member of the group, Jin typically tackles more responsibilities within BTS. He would drive Jungkook to college and also provide emotional support to RM while the group was abroad. Therefore, some followers suspect “Worldwide Handsome” Jin’s love language is “acts of service.”

V is a little tricky to read. One Reddit customer wrote, “Tae is choosy when it concerns individuals as well as touching, I believe. He’s not good at revealing his love tho, so he suches as to reveal it through action (presents, caring for somebody), and I believe [he] likes to obtain love the same way. Quality time could be vital, as well, however only with specific people and also not constantly.”

Jungkook is the youngest participant of this K-pop team. Still, he commonly shares his love for BTS followers. Mostly, that takes the type of live streams where this artist responses questions as well as also sings for customers. Therefore, some Militaries believe this idol’s love language is “Top quality Time.”

What are the love languages of the BTS rap line?

Suga is much more difficult to review than other BTS members. Still, some followers observe just how he usually creates songs for other participants, occasionally checking in on them to see to it they are healthy and balanced and delighted. Consequently, Militaries anticipate Suga’s love language is “Acts of Service.”

” Namjoon is a [words of] affirmation type of person, and also he likes to state many thanks given that he’s good with words,” one Quora individual composed. “He knows how to express himself with his songs as well as verses and speeches, which is an incredible high quality to have.”


J-Hope is normally good at gifting points to the BTS


members and past. During one show, he provided his bag to an ARMY in the audience. In 2021, according to Bandwagon, he gave away 100 million won ($89,000) to children in Tanzania via the Seoul-based charity ChildFund Korea.