Heels Present BTS Video Exhibits Off The Solid’s Spectacular Wrestling Stunts

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Heels Show BTS Video Shows Off The Cast’s Impressive Wrestling Stunts

A new video from Stephen Amell’s upcoming Starz show called Heels shows off the stunts that make the wrestling drama look real.

A new look behind the scenes of the making of heels shows the main actors performing their own stunts. The upcoming drama sees two brothers as characters in a small-town wrestling league and in real life. The series plays Amell in his first TV project since his eight-year career with Arrow in 2020. Before Amell was cast on Heels, Amell participated in pro wrestling matches for WWE, Ring of Honor, All In and All Elite wrestling.

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Starz shared the BTS video on YouTube during a recent Comic-Con @ Home panel. The footage shows heeled actors throwing each other through the ring without any editing that would allow stunt doubles to sneak into their seats unnoticed. The show wasn’t shot without a stuntman as it would be a security risk, but the cast certainly got in on the action. Viewers can be assured that the actual wrestlers on the show are real live movie actors (who play characters with wrestling personalities). Check out the video below:

After intensive training to play Amell’s brother and comrade-in-arms on the show, Alexander Ludwig assures potential viewers that “there is nothing fake about it”. His promise is a bit ironic considering that a lot of wrestling is notoriously fake and scripted. If it were any other type of fighting they would have to resort to careful fight choreography, but it helps that wrestling is already choreographed.

Heels premieres on August 15th. Starz’s official synopsis for the drama reads: “heels is a story about the men and women who pursue their dreams in the world of small town wrestling. Set in a closely related Georgia community, it follows a family-owned wrestling promotion that sees two brothers and rivals battle for their late father’s legacy. In the ring, someone has to play the good and someone has to play his archenemy, the heel. But in the real world, these characters can be hard to live up to – or hard to leave behind. “

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