Cube Entertainment confirmed to Dispatch “We remember how much she worried for the fan…”

A parent of a student wrote a post on an online community last August titled “My Child Is Having A Hard Time, But She Loves A Certain Idol.”

The parent wrote that they reached out to the idol in hopes she could give them strength.

My child looked at the singer’s pictures and her performances to gain strength, but they were still struggling. I wrote a letter to the singer hoping she could send my child an autograph to give them even more strength.

The parent’s wish for a miracle came true.

I sent the letter, and then the label sent an employee to personally give me a signed CD and a long handwritten letter from the idol. It was a miracle, and I don’t know how to thank them.

On May 9, the poster revealed that the idol mentioned in the post was none other than (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon.

The poster wrote in a post, “I was reading the letter Miyeon sent us, and I regret not revealing it was her earlier.”

Miyeon’s label Cube Entertainment confirmed to Dispatch that “Last year Miyeon sent a letter to a fan. We remember how much she worried for the fan.”

Miyeon is currently promoting her first solo mini-album MY. Have you listened to the album’s single “Drive,” if not, check the link below!

By ayunda