For Lisa of BLACKPINK, Music Is All About Confidence

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In the music video for her new solo song “Lalisa,” Lisa Manobal of BLACKPINK sits perched on an ornate throne, adorned in gold jewelry and matching nails; the centerpiece is a traditional Thai headdress, tiered and anointed with white flowers. The throne room is her stage. The dancers, and viewers, are subjects. We look on as she ascends to the throne while alternately executing perfect, intricate choreography. “The jet black and pink crown belongs to we,” she raps, alluding to BLACKPINK. But there is no bravado in her exhibition of power — her sense of pride is not misplaced. Check the view count on “Lalisa.” Ask the shop owners in Bangkok who have seen an increase in the sales of traditional Thai outfits and jewelry since her video was released. Her skill and influence is undeniable.

“I wanted to show you who I am through my first single solo album,” Lisa tells Teen Vogue over email about her latest release. The title song is her full first name, Lalisa, for a reason. “It is full of my confidence. I often said to BLINKS, ‘Always be confident.’” That’s the message she wanted to deliver in her first solo outing. Fans know who is addressing them as soon as they hear the words “BLACKPINK in your area.” But if you want to make the rest of the world remember you, what better way than to make them sing your name?

BLACKPINK LISA swinging on a rope

K-pop band Blackpink to get documentary on Netflix, Entertainment News |

The 24-year-old singer and rapper has made waves for years as the maknae of one of the highest-selling K-pop girl groups of all time, BLACKPINK. The past few years have seen the members of BLACKPINK slowly step into individual spotlights alongside their work in the group; Jennie dropped the empowered hit “Solo,” Jisoo has been working on the forthcoming K-drama “Snowdrop,” and Rosé released the down-to-earth anthem “On the Ground.” Lisa has been excited to watch her fellow members thrive, and they’re sharing their energy with her, too. “I was really happy when I saw the other members’ preparing for their solo projects, but now they congratulated me so much!” Lisa says. “Jennie and Rosé did a really good job on their solo albums, so now it is my turn to take that energy and show my energy to the fullest.”
Lisa in a space helmet
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Over the course of the pandemic, Lisa has teased fans with the possibility of what she can do on her own. And if there is one thing that the ladies of BLACKPINK know how to do, it’s build anticipation. From intriguing dance covers and no-nonsense mentorship on the talent show Youth With You to being the most followed K-pop idol on Instagram at 62.8 million followers as of this writing, Lisa has shown herself to be not only influential, but endearingly humble. In the Netflix documentary about BLACKPINK that came out last year, she comes across as playful and warm, joking about spending too much money in vintage stores and sharing that she’s been choreographing dances since at least the time she was a trainee.


Lisa‘s debut single “LALISA” has taken the official Guinness

K-pop band Blackpink to get documentary on Netflix, Entertainment News |

The record was previously held by Taylor Swift‘s 2019 single Me! which had 65.2 million views within the 24 hour time period. Following Jennie and Rosé, Lisa is the third member of BLACKPINK to release a solo. Rosé set the record for most-viewed Youtube music video by a solo K-pop artist earlier this year with her album title song On The Ground of her solo album R before it was broken by Lisa this month.

Both Lisa and Rosé will be included on the Guinness World Records 2022 book and official social media accounts.