ESPN declares Titans winner of Ryan Tannehill trade with Dolphins

Not that we needed anyone to tell, but ESPN’s Bill Barnwell named the Tennessee Titans the winner of the deal with the Miami Dolphins that defeated quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Barnwell recently canceled some of the biggest trades in years and the Tannehill deal was one of them. He called the trade a “huge win” for the Titans.

Not only did the Titans land on Tannehill, but they also turned out to be linebacker David Long, who was impressive in his first two seasons and could battle for starting snaps in 2021.

We all know the story of Tannehill.

He took over for Marcus Mariota in week 6 of the 2019 campaign, had his first start in week 7 and since then the Titans have played an elite offensive, thanks in part to the competence and consistency of Tannehill under the middle.

He was named Comeback Player of the Year and earned a Pro Bowl nick in 2019, a season that saw the Titans go to the AFC championship game. In 2020, he hit over 4,000 yards and 40 touchdowns in total, preventing the regression that many had predicted.

Although Tannehill has released near-elitist numbers for the past two years, he continues to be treated disrespectfully, but that really doesn’t mean anything if he can keep winning and bringing Tennessee to the promised land.

Regardless, the Tannehill acquisition remains arguably the best move of the Jon Robinson era and one of the best moves in all of franchise history.

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