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Ended with dating rumors, this is the atmosphere of the art exhibition when V BTS visited

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Before the Dating Rumors Broke, Netizens Said V’s Mood Looks Good During Visiting Art Exhibitions. The OP Shared Various Photos From The Event And Everything Was Relaxed.
V BTS (Bangtan Boys) was recently seen visiting the preview event of the Korea International Art Fair (KIAF) 2021. Netizens who were also there explained what V’s mood was like during his visit.

As is known, V’s visit at KIAF 2021 led to dating rumors. The owner of the name Kim Taehyung is rumored to have a relationship with the daughter of the President of Paradise Group because they both visited the art exhibition.

While there, V was seen with the President of Paradise Group and his wife, as well as their daughter. Netizens also stated that the bracelet that V often wears is actually a brand launched by the son of a conglomerate.

HYBE immediately released a statement, confirming that V’s dating rumors were not true. V personally responded via Weverse, expressing his anger and frustration.

Before the dating rumors broke out, netizens (OP) said that V was in a good mood while visiting the art exhibition. The OP shared various photos from the event and it was all relaxing.

Many photos were taken while V was interacting with fans. The 1995-born singer even allowed visitors to take his photos, although he seemed to refuse the invitation to take a group photo.

The OP also explained, “A lot of ordinary people take pictures of him. V from the start really liked going to art exhibitions so he was often seen at events like that.”

Seeing the OP’s description, many netizens sympathized with V because fake rumors emerged even though he just wanted to enjoy his hobby. Netizens also think it’s natural for V to be that angry in his posts on Weverse.

“I just want V to be happy,” commented netizens. “I just hope that people will leave him alone. He is an adult, he is free to do whatever he wants, including dating,” added another netizen. “His fans also know he likes going to art exhibitions,” wrote one netizen.

“He can’t even enjoy his hobbies freely,” said netizens. “He basically showed that he was ‘V’ at the show, he wouldn’t be that stupid to show up with his girlfriend,” said another. “The atmosphere of this event is very relaxed. He is in public and is seen by everyone,” concluded another.a

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