Eli Tomac of Cortez rallies twice to complete second in Washington motocross – The Journal

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Eli Tomac of Cortez rallies twice to finish second in Washington motocross – The Journal

Eli Tomac of Cortez, during the qualifying rounds Saturday July 24th at the Motocross Washougal MX Park in Washougal, Washington. Overall, he came in second.

Kawasaki races

Kawasaki ace is only 7 points behind Roczen in the series standings

Cortez’s Eli Tomac finished the 450cc Motocross in Washougal, Washington on Saturday with a shot of speed to finish second overall and get close to the series leaders.

For the second straight week, Tomac started slowly and ended quickly.

In Moto 1, he finished second after recovering from eighth place. In Moto 2, he again moved up to second place, this time from seventh place.

During his pursuit in the middle of Moto 2, Tomac set the fastest individual lap times in a field of 41 riders. He later drove the fastest lap of the race – 2 minutes, 13.597 seconds – just before the white flag was shown on lap 15 and when he closed the gap to front runner Dylan Ferrandis.

Chase Sexton was the overall winner on Saturday after winning Moto 1 and finishing third in Moto 2.

Ferrandis finished third overall after finishing fifth in Moto 1 and leading from start to finish in Moto 2.

Ferrandis now leads the series with 303 points. Ken Roczen is second with 256 and Tomac is third with 249, seven points behind Roczen and 10 points ahead of Justin Barcia.

After last week’s Spring Creek race, the Kawasaki ace lamented its slow starts.

“I moved up to third place in this race, but at this point I used up all my energy and couldn’t catch up with the two front riders,” said Tomac.

“The team and I plan to work on the starts this week so that I can fight for the lead without having to exert a lot of energy.”

Motorcycle 1

Tomac drove from eighth on the grid to second place in the first of two races. Küster led from start to finish.

Sexton took the lead on lap 1, followed by Roczen and Cooper Webb. Still struggling with his slow starts, Tomac finished eighth and series leader Ferrandis finished ninth.

On lap 3 Tomac, Barcia and Ferrandis lined up behind Marvin Musquin, who finished fourth behind his KTM teammate Webb, a distant third place behind Honda riders Sexton and Roczen.

Musquin and Tomac broke Webb’s blockade on lap 6 and moved up to third and fourth, then overtook Roczen in second and third on lap 10.

On lap 12, Barcia and Ferrandis also overtook Roczen, but were more than 18 seconds behind Sexton’s big lead in fourth and fifth.

With two laps to go, Tomac slipped into second place after Musquin fell over. Musquin finished third and Barcia held Ferrandis for fourth.

Motorcycle 2

Ferrandis took the lead early in the second race, closely followed by Webb, Sexton, Aaron Plessinger and Christian Craig. Tomac finished seventh, on Roczen’s heels.

Craig slipped to seventh place on lap 2 and Tomac stormed forward, overtaking Roczen and Webb on lap 3, and won lap after lap at Plessinger.

on lap 8 Tomac rode on Plessinger’s rear wheel in a whoops and jumped to third place. He immediately moved off to pursue Sexton for second place.

By the time the drivers entered the second half of the race, Tomac was the fastest driver on the track and was gaining momentum. But he would need a win to beat Sexton for the overall win.

Tomac challenged Sexton in the whoops, forcing Sexton to defend.

It did not work.

Tomac raced past Sexton on lap 14 and took second place, then crossed on two fast segments to get to Ferrandis in 2 seconds. When the white flag came out on lap 16, Tomac was within a second of Ferrandis before finishing second.

Sexton was third, 13 seconds behind. He was followed by Plessinger and Musquin.

On Saturday before, Tomac was eighth in the time qualifying laps after setting a personal best of 2 minutes and 12.760 seconds. Ferrandis set the fastest lap with 2: 11.452.

The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Series goes to the eighth of 12 races of the 2021 motocross season at Unadilla National in New Berlin, NY on August 14th.