Disney Reveals Updates to Jungle Cruise Ride in BTS Video

Disney Parks is releasing a behind-the-scenes video of Jungle Cruise that is currently being redesigned by Disney Imagineers on both coasts.

A behind-the-scenes video at Disney Parks shows some updates to the renovated Jungle Cruise ride in Disneyland Park, California.

Jungle Cruise will be booking official tours of Disneyland starting July 16. Alberta Falls, the owner of Jungle Navigation Company Ltd., is also preparing a similar experience for Magic Kingdom Park in Florida, which is expected to be completed this summer. The BTS video shows how the creative teams from Disneyland and Disney World worked together to reinvent the jungle cruise in what is referred to as the “bi-coastal” project by Chris Beatty, Walt Disney World’s Creative Portfolio Executive.

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“When we set out to upgrade the Jungle Cruise, we had three goals that were important to us in our development,” said Beatty. “One, stay classic. It has to remain the jungle cruise that everyone knows and loves. Second, bring a sense of inclusiveness to this project. We want to make sure that everyone who drives the Jungle Cruise can see themselves in the characters and the experience. “

The third thing Beatty emphasized was the importance of the jungle cruise skippers who steer the boats that take guests through the experience. “The skippers are what bring this experience to life,” he said. The video also shows the imagineers working to bring the ride to life, along with new scenes and characters all constructed by the offshore imagineering teams.

“Working with the Walt Disney World team, we developed the props together. There was a lot of talk about the gags so we worked really hard to make sure we were in sync with the story we were telling,” said Kim Irvine, Executive Creative Director at Walt Disney Imagineering. “This is a natural transition because [Walt Disney’s] Original Jungle Cruise was very serious. After a couple of years they decided they had to add some humor. “

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First introduced to the park in 1955, Disneylands Jungle Cruise updates and redesigns began in early 2021 after decades of complaints about the racist caricatures of the indigenous peoples along the way. The concept art of the possible redesigns was released in January 2021, which is reflected in the recent Disney Parks BTS video.

“One of the highlights of this experience is working with our imagineering partners in Disneyland,” said Beatty. “We don’t get the chance to do a two-coast project very often, so we have incredibly talented imagineers working around the clock to do the same thing we do here at Walt Disney World, which is more inclusive, more relevant , more fun experience for the jungle cruise. “

Jungle Cruise isn’t the only ride redesigned as part of Disney Parks’ efforts to promote inclusivity and diversity. For example, Splash Mountain !, based on the controversial animated film Song of the South from 1946, is being redesigned to instead show characters from 2009 The Princess and the Frog.

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Source: Disney Parks, YouTube

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