Cresting River Traps Friends At Vernon Motel 6 Twice In 10 Days

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Patch News

VERNON, CT – For the second time in less than two weeks, residents of Vernon Motel 6 had to be rescued after the overflowing Hockanum River turned the area into a pond.

The river crumbled as the remnants of Hurricane Ida brought more than 5 inches of rain to Vernon from Wednesday through Thursday.

The ground was already saturated from the six-inch tropical storm that Henri had brought to the area 10 days ago when essentially the same thing happened at the motel.

This time crews from various municipal authorities reacted to the scene from Wednesday evening. A barrier was opened at the rear of the property to create a ramp onto Interstate 84 that would allow people to safely evacuate.

City officials said there were 114 guests at the hotel but did not say how many would have to be evacuated on Wednesday.

45 guests had to check out on Thursday morning. Vernon Police helped some of them who were on foot and unable to use the makeshift I-84 ramp through the water with cruisers.